DHD Coach's Eye

Unleash Your Full Potential with Coach's Eye! Our dynamic mentorship program offers a game-changing advantage for players seeking continuous growth and success. With regular video footage review, our expert coaches provide personalized advice and corrections, empowering players and parents with consistent, tangible feedback. Elevate your game to new heights with Coach's Eye's comprehensive support and unlock your true potential on the ice.

We are currently open for enrolment, but due to limited capacity, we will only be accepting the first 30 clients. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to join our program and secure your spot today.

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Highlight What Matters

  • Quickly define and spotlight essential player, goalie, and team habits, focusing on the keys to success on the ice.
  • Make strategic and tactical changes to habits for targeted improvement, identifying correct behaviors and addressing weaknesses.
  • Experience real-time action with tagged, reviewed, edited, and voiceover actions, enriched with NHL and Major Junior clips for side-by-side display of correct habits - all at your fingertips!

Build a Winning Strategy 

  • Build a winning strategy by harnessing video data for actionable feedback on player habits and tendencies.
  • Analyze team systems and strategize for growth and development with invaluable insights from our advanced video analysis tools.
  • Elevate understanding at each position with side-by-side action, powered by real NHL and Major Juniors clips.
  • Save time with quick access using filters to locate and view key moments that matter most to your game.
  • Empower your athletes and teams with confidential player and team channels to recall and review past performance videos, driving unparalleled growth and success on the ice!

Elevate your TooLset Individual Skill Analysis

  • Unlock your true potential with biometric skill analysis that fine-tunes your unique abilities for peak performance.
  • Seamlessly provide video footage of your on-ice or at-home skills to our expert coaching staff for personalized feedback.
  • Refine your player skills - from skating to shooting (wrist, snap, slap, one-timer, backhand, shooting in motion), stickhandling (basic, toe-drag, front fake, etc.), and passing, or optimize goalie skills.

Boost Your Game: Discover the Unmatched Benefits of Coach's Eye

Individual Game Review

  • Unlock your game's secrets with 8-10 personalized clips from game tape, tailored to your identified tendencies or DHD coaching staff's insights.
  • Experience side-by-side comparison with professional players, honing correct habits and tendencies.
  • Access your confidential player channel to recall past performance, while receiving expert mentorship and guidance across all aspects of your game.
  • Receive you Individualized Game Review in 7-10 days from DHD receipt.

Individual Skill Review

  • Fine-tune your skills with 1-2 carefully selected clips from recorded video, focusing on the biometrics of your identified skill.
  • Learn from the best through side-by-side reviews with professional players, perfecting your techniques.
  • Your confidential player channel ensures easy recall of past performances, while expert mentorship elevates your skills to new heights.
  • Receive you Individualized Skill Review in 3-5 days from DHD receipt

Team System Review

  • Elevate your team's game with 4-5 clips honing in on the system (powerplay, breakouts, etc.) recognized by your coaching staff.
  • Experience side-by-side comparison with NHL teams, gaining invaluable insights into effective system habits and tendencies.
  • Your confidential team channel empowers seamless recall of past performances, while expert mentorship and guidance drive your team's success.
  • Receive you Team System Review in 7-10 days from DHD receipt.

*We are currently open for enrolment, but due to limited capacity, we will only be accepting the first 30 clients. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to join our program and secure your spot today.*


how will DHD receive the Video?

Helios Core

By wearing the HELIOS® Core during a game that is recorded on LiveBarn, iPhone or iPad, you can upload the video and instantly watch or download ONLY your shift highlights.

After uploading your game video, your Instant Video Highlights show inside the HELIOS® App’s Shifts section of a Game along with the data about each shift. Tap any shift video to launch into a beautiful, edge-to-edge landscape viewing experience.

Provide Shift/Clips to DHD via Dropbox

  • Upload shifts/clips to dropbox (If the shifts are unclipped from game footage -30$ additional/game).
  • Team System Review (coaches to provide video to dropbox).

The HELIOS® Core is a performance sensor that mounts on your shoulder pads and uses AI and smart technology to automatically and continuously benchmark your skating stride, highlight your strengths and weaknesses and make training recommendations to help you Get Better Faster.


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With a low student-to-teacher ratio our spots are limited, so book yours early for an unparalleled training experience on the ice.

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Winter Specialized Skills - Big Creek Arena

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